WCW World Television Championship
WCW World Television Championship
Date retired:April 10, 2000
Other name(s):NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Championship
NWA Television Championship
NWA World Television Championship
First champion(s)Danny Miller
Most reignsBooker T (6)
Longest reignTully Blanchard (353 days)
Shortest reignLex Luger, Chris Benoit
and Booker T (1 day)
Oldest championJim Duggan (46 years)
Youngest championAlex Wright (22 years)
Heaviest championStevie Ray (289 lb (131 kg))
Lightest championÚltimo Dragón (180 lb (82 kg))

The WCW World Television Championship professional wrestling world television championship owned by the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling promotion.


The title was created in 1974 by Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling as a secondary title. It was known as the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship and then simply the NWA Television Championship a few years later. As Mid-Atlantic (later known as Jim Crockett Promotions) grew, the title became known as the NWA World Television Championship and in 1991 as the WCW World TV Championship. The title was often defended in matches with a time limit of ten or fifteen minutes. More often than with other championships, title matches resulted in time limit draws and the champion retaining the title. This was often used as a heat-building device to allow a villain champion to retain his title. Tully Blanchard had the longest World Television Championship reign, holding the title for 353 days. Booker T had the most reigns as World Television Champion, with six. Arn Anderson holds the record for most days as champion, with 870 over four title reigns. The last champion was Jim Duggan, who claimed the title while working as the WCW janitor after Scott Hall and Kevin Nash threw it in the garbage and he found it in a dumpster. The title was retired on April 10, 2000 after the Vince Russo-Eric Bischoff WCW reboot.

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