The Shield
The Shield
MembersDean Ambrose
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
217 lbs. (98 kgs.)
265 lbs. (120 kgs.)
225 lbs. (120 kgs.)
Combined Weight:
707 lbs. (321 kgs.)
Davenport, Iowa
Pensacola, Florida
Cincinnati, Ohio
DebutedNovember 18, 2012
DisbandedJune 16, 2014

The Shield a professional wrestling stable of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The group debuted in November 2012 at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, and later declared their intention to fight what they perceive as "injustice" in WWE. Ambrose held the WWE United States Championship, being the longest reign under the WWE banner at 351 days, while Reigns and Rollins previously held the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Shield are known for their black ring attire (most notably their protective vests), their tendency to approach the ring through the live audience, and their trademark promos, which are recorded from a first-person perspective using a handheld camcorder. Their gimmick is that of a stable that possesses excellent teamwork and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for the good of the stable, and which achieves victories by overwhelming opponents with superior numbers after incapacitating their teammates.

In wrestling

  • Seth Rollins' finishing moves
    • Avada Kedavra (Superkick, sometimes preceded by a turnbuckle powerbomb)
    • "Blackout" / Curb Stomp"Peace of Mind" (Running pushing stomp to the opponent's back or back of the head of a bent over opponent)
    • Shiranui
  • Dean Ambrose's finishing moves
    • Arm trap cross-legged STF – Parodied from William Regal
    • Midnight Special (Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver)
    • Running knee lift to an opponent's head – Parodied from William Regal
    • "Dirty Deeds" (HeadLock Driver)
  • Roman Reigns' finishing moves
    • Superman Punch
    • Spear 
  • Team' finishing moves
    • Triple Powerbomb (Sometimes through a table)
  • Nickname(s)
    • "The Hounds of Justice"
  • Catchprase
    • "You can believe that! and you can BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!!"
  • Entrance Theme(s)
    • "Special Op" by Jim Johnston

Championships and accomplishments

    • NXT Championship (1 time, inaugural) – Rollins
    • Gold Rush Tournament (2012) - Rollins
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
    • WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Rollins and Reigns
    • WWE United States Championship (1 time) – Ambrose
    • Slammy Award for "What a Maneuver" of the Year (2013): Reigns - for the Spear
    • Slammy Award for Faction of the Year (2013, 2014)
    • Slammy Award for Trending Now Hashtag of the Year (2013) - #BelieveInTheShield
    • Slammy Award for Breakout Star of the Year (2013)