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Nation of Domination
  • The Nexus isn't the first one who poses with their arm up, The Nation of Domination was first one who rise their arm up.
  • The Nexus was suppose to be the second N.W.O.
  • The Nexus members is the original NXT Superstars
  • In all the forms of the Nexus/New Nexus, David Otunga is the only member to survive the durations of the Nexus
  • The first two people the Nexus ever attacked (John Cena and CM Punk) were members of the nexus at one time.
  • In WWE Video Games, the Nexus never appears complete as Darren Young, Michael Tarver, and Skip Sheffield, were not made for video games. But in WWE '12, David Otunga and McGillicutty are dubbed the New Nexus as a Tag Team.
  • Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, and Mason Ryan were the only members of Nexus to leave the group because of injury.

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