Authers of Pain pro
The Authers of Pain
Paul Ellering (manager)
DebutedJune 8, 2016

The Authors of Pain a professional wrestling tag team of Akam, Rezar and managed by Paul Ellering. Their names are a play on the principle known as Occam's razor. they are one-times NXT Tag Team Champions after defeating former champions #DIY.

In wrestling

  • Double-team finishing moves
    • The Last Chapter (Russian legsweep / Lariat combination)
    • Super Collider (Stereo powerbombs, after colliding their opponents)
  • Double-team signature moves
    • Neckbreaker (Akam) / sitout powerbomb (Rezar) combination
    • Spinning sidewalk slam (Rezar) / running big boot (Akam) combination
  • Entrance music
    • "Pain" by CFO$ (NXT; June 15, 2016–present)

Championships and accomplishments