Héctor Solano Segura (June 12, 1969 – May 26, 2013) a Mexican professional wrestler, known by his ring name Héctor Garza, who last worked for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, and World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation.

Professional wrestling career

His stay in AAA was short although he did wrestle at least 1 match on WWF Superstars defeating TL Hopper and participated in a match on the 1997 World Wrestling Federation Royal Rumble pay-per-view when the WWF and AAA had a working agreement. He went to World Championship Wrestling later in the year as part of the large contingent of Luchadors that began working for the company. He was best known in WCW for his twirling turnbuckle to floor plancha called the corkscrew plancha. Other than a victory over Scott Hall, he did not receive any push, mostly wrestling on WCW's minor shows, even when he became part of the Latino World Order.

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