Daniel Christopher Covell (born March 24, 1970) is an American professional wrestler, best known by his ring name Christopher Daniels

Professional wrestling career

After a short stint in Extreme Championship Wrestling he traveled to Japan, where developed his masked persona, Curry Man, and competed in the Masked Man League. On January 14, 2000, Daniels received a tryout match with World Championship Wrestling, defeating Mikey Henderson. The original idea was for Daniels to portray Vampiro's dark master, Syndrome, but his WCW debut was continually postponed, and he eventually returned to the independent scene.

World Wrestling Federation (1998–2001)

In 1998, Daniels signed a developmental deal with the World Wrestling Federation and trained at Dory Funk, Jr.'s Funkin' Dojo. He made his WWF debut on January 19, 1998, losing a dark match to Mick Tierney, and went on to be used as a jobber on the WWF's B-shows, Sunday Night Heat and WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2000, he donned a mask and teamed (as Dos) with Aaron Aguilera (Uno) as Los Conquistadores, as part of The Hardy Boyz' feud with Edge and Christian.

He made several appearances on WWF Jakked during the spring of 2001, including a singles loss to Jerry Lynn and a tag team loss to Kaientai with Scoot Andrews as his partner. Throughout 2001 and 2002, he continued wrestling on the independent circuit, winning multiple titles and tournaments and debuting in Canada and the United Kingdom.

World Championship Wrestling (2001)

On the January 23, 2001 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Daniels wrestled Michael Modest. During the match, he attempted a springboard moonsault, but his left foot missed the ring rope. Unable to sufficiently push off to complete the rotation, he botched the move and landed on his head, damaging his neck. Though he was able to finish the match, his left arm was impaired throughout it. Afterwards, Daniels and Modest signed 90-day contracts, but Daniels was released before he had another match.

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