Brian Pillman pro
Brian William Pillman
BornMay 22, 1962
DiedOctober 5, 1997
Bloomington, Minnesota, United States
FromCincinnati, Ohio, United States

Professional wrestling career

Ring NameFlyin' Brian
Brian Pillman
The Loose Cannon
Height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight226 lb (103 kg)
BilledCincinnati, Ohio
Trained byStu Hart
Trained with the Hart family

Brian William Pillman (May 22, 1962 – October 5, 1997), best known by his ring name Brian Pillman, a American football player and professional wrestler who best performed in World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation in the 1990s.

Pillman had a legacy as "The Loose Cannon", a wrestling gimmick that would see him do a series of worked shoots that would gain him a degree of infamy for his unpredictable character. He was also known for being extremely agile in the ring, although a car accident in April 1996 from which he received extensive ankle injuries limited his in-ring ability.

By the end of his career he worked with Stone Cold Steve Austin in a storyline involving a firearm and with the Hart Foundation in a controversial angle concerning nationalism, both which are considered important to developing the late 1990s Attitude Era.

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